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How to register for asdfmall account?

Register asdfmall account with email

The first step to start using asdfmall is to register an account for you. You can use personal email (hereinafter referred to as email) as your asdfmall account number.

1.        Enter the "login" screen

2.        Click "register"

3.        Fill in the appropriate information

4.        Click “Next”

How do I log out of asdfmall?

1.        Click "account setting"

2.        Click "log out"

3.        Click "log out" in the confirmation window

Unable to log in to asdfmall

If you are unable to log in, please confirm that the account and password you entered are correct. If you forget your password, please click forget password and follow the steps to reset the password and log in again.


Account number / personalized setting

How to change the password?

1.        Click "account setting"

2.        Click "change password"

3.        Enter the old password and the new password, and click next below

4.        Click OK in the confirmation window

Forget password?

If you forget your password when you log in, you can set a new password as follows:

1.        Enter the "login" screen

2.        Click "forget password"

3.        Enter your original email account

4.        Click Next and follow the instructions to finish

Can I log in multiple devices at the same time?

No problem, asdfmall allow you to log in synchronously across devices. You can log in and use asdfmall on multiple computers, mobile phones and tablets at the same time.


For online shopping new user

How can I search different shops?

asdfmall has more than 500 stores as to meet your shopping needs. You can click "Store List" in the product category as to view all stores.

How to order?

1.        Select unit of purchases and add items in the shopping cart

2.        After selection, click and enter the shopping cart

3.        Edit products in shopping cart

4.        After completion, click "PAY" to enter the payment process

5.        Select delivery method and fill in delivery address and contact information

6.        Confirm the quantity and price of the goods, and then choose the delivery time

7.        We support different payment methods, i.e. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), PayPal, Visa, Master and other payment methods to make your payment more flexible

8.        Enter the coupon code, the dollar points or cash coupons that available (if any)

9.        Confirm the order, including freight and discount amount. After confirmation, you can click "confirm payment" to complete the payment procedure.